Foster Dog:  Ginny

***Golden from Turkey – adjusted adoption fee


Foster Dog Location (city):  Midlothian, VA 23113


Gender: F      


Age:  approximately 2


Spayed/Neutered:  Yes


Health concerns: None


General Activity Level:  High


Interaction with dogs:   Initial reaction is to bark at another dog that she meets in an unexpected situation (walking past our house, etc.).  If introduced one on one in the other dog’s territory, she does not bark at them.  Her barking is not of an aggressive nature, she is just letting us know she sees another dog.  Once she warms up to them, she is very playful.  She LOVES to play with her foster brother and his size does not intimidate her (he is 99 lbs. and she is about 40 lbs.).  My parents visited with their chocolate lab and she stayed with another SEVA GRREAT team member and his golden retriever…in both cases, after initial introduction, she basically viewed them as part of her pack and tried to engage them in play.  However, there are some issues with resource guarding (see below for more information).


Interaction with cats:   Don’t know.   Prey drive seems like it may be high.


Interaction with children:   Has only been exposed a 10 year old child.  No issues with him.   


Physical fence required?  Yes.  She does not have a reliable recall, and also has a great interest in chasing things and guarding her territory (which would seem to involve chasing ‘intruders’).  That, in combination with her high energy makes having a physical fence a must for this pup. 

Suitable for an invisible fence?   Not likely. She is VERY fast; if she was running she probably would not feel the warning or the shock and would go right on through.     


How many hours are they able to be left alone?   She is used to being crated when we are at work.  She is able to stay in the crate for a full workday w/o an accident.  However, we try to get home during the day if we can b/c we don’t like to leave her in a crate all day.  I would not trust her with free run of the house when you are not home.  She is mostly potty-trained but will have accidents from time to time – her cue to go out is very subtle unless she is in a confined space and then it is hard to miss.   At night, she is not crated and has the freedom to move about our bedroom.  She goes out around 9pm and wakes up to go out around 6 am. She does not have accidents overnight.


Able to climb stairs?   Yes

In need of obedience training?  Yes.  Training, combined with confidence and a feeling of security in her environment, will both be very helpful for Ginny.  

She is a very smart girl and she learns easily, but is also easily distracted and has some issues with resource guarding (likely leftover from being on the streets and fending for herself in Turkey).  She has learned ‘sit’ and ‘stay’.  We are working on ‘come’ (she is inconsistent with that command), as well as ‘let’s go’ and ‘leave it’.   She is very treat/food motivated.

She is mostly house trained but does still have accidents from time to time (mostly #2…she is a ‘sneaky pooper’).  She has a very high metabolism and will do #2 more times per day than #1. 

In terms of resource guarding, when it comes to regular feedings and treats, she has relaxed around her foster brother (she seems to know he is not going to steal them from her) and we generally have no issues.  However, when a “high value” item is introduced, her guard is up again and we have to be cautious. 

Now that she feels this is her home, she is guarding it from all the evils out there! J She will bark at the mailman, trash man, and neighbors walking down the street… Her initial reaction to most things is to bark at them, we are working hard on this and she will need continued work in this area.  She is not aggressive, she is just anxious and guarding “her” place/people.  

Personality and additional information:  Ginny is such a sweet little girl and we just love her to pieces!   She is a tiny little girl and is currently living with a very large active 8 y.o. golden.  She loves play fighting and wrestling with him whenever she can;  however, she's also very calm at times too (she is often found curled up in a little ball on the couch or our bed or just sprawled on the floor at your feet).  She loves to be with her people and wants to be around them as much as possible.   She can be left alone in her crate during the day, but would love a family that spends a fair amount of the day at home. When we work from home, she will lie down and chill out in the room where we are working and will not interrupt or demand attention…she just likes to know you are there.   She typically sleeps at the foot of the bed, however, when morning rolls around and she wants you to wake up, she creeps up to the top of the bed, stretches out and wraps her little body around your head.  She has a funny, quirky personality that we know will just continue to blossom and reward her people.   We have watched Ginny’s personality blossom as she has become more comfortable and confident in her surroundings… she is going to be a wonderful addition to a family that is willing to work with her and continue show her what a dog’s life should really be all about!  

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