==== ATTENTION ====

Adoption Applications are currently on hold.

Because we are not able to adopt outside our organization's service area, please take a moment to review our service area boundaries to ensure we are able to assist you. Due to the length of our adoption application, we do not want you to take the time to fill out the application only to learn afterward that we are unable to support your request.

SEVA GRREAT covers the central and southeastern parts of Virginia from just west of Richmond down through Virginia Beach to the North Carolina border.


Beginning 1 August 2016, there will be a $25 non-refundable Adoption Application Fee.  Please use the PayPal Donate button on the right side of this page to submit the fee.  Our volunteers will pair your name on the PayPal transaction with the name on the application to reconcile receipt and begin processing your application.  If you prefer to submit your application fee via a personal check, please contact our adoption coordinator via email at adoptions@adoptagolden.com for futher details.
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