Mattie came to SEVA GRREAT in November 2016 after being surrendered to a high-kill shelter.

She was heartworm positive and x-rays showed multiple old fractures that didn’t heal properly. Her mobility was very poor and surgery was not an option, so we treated her heartworms and set out to manage her discomfort. Despite all of that, she is doing quite well. Her general health is good, no issues. Although her heart is enlarged, she is now heartworm-free. She has only up-close hearing, and her sight seems to be just shadows, but the nose works great! At fourteen, she also seems to have senior moments - she'll stand in the middle of the room or yard and look around, "Where am I, and why am I here?", and then she'll remember and pick up where she left off. We've been amazed with the improvement in her mobility since we started giving her Dasaquin Advanced with her gabapentin and carprofen. It's been a winning combination. She sometimes needs a boost to get those stiff back legs under her after she's been snoozing awhile, but once up, it's all good. Breakfast and dinner are highlights of the day, and she hops and twirls in excitement. Nothing wrong with her appetite. She uses her ramp to go outside and sometimes even navigates the two stairs back into the house.

Mattie always wants to be where we are and is our social butterfly. She's quite a talker, enthusiastically greeting everyone she meets. She loves the attention and being petted. We love her so much!

Mattie’s family has been snowbirds for several years, and Mattie loves being a Florida girl - must be the warm temps and sunshine! She just returned from Florida, and thanks you for your love and support.

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