In Our Care

These dogs are currently in one of our loving foster homes until ready for adoption. Our dogs come to SEVA GRREAT from owners who can no longer care for them, local shelters, or even from Turkey or China thanks to our international rescue partners. Their time in foster care can vary from weeks to months, depending on the dogs’ medical needs. Some need additional time to work through other behavioral issues. When they are available for adoption, those families on our approved waiting list will be notified. We work tirelessly to find the perfect forever home for each golden in our care.

Archie is a very special boy who just arrived from Turkey. His rescuers found him after being hit by a car, and he has an old spinal fracture that healed without treatment. His MRI shows compression of the nerves in the spine, so he will have surgery very soon to relieve his discomfort. Be sure to follow his progress on our Facebook page.

Beau is a 3-year old golden/hound mix from the Currituck shelter. He is a bit shy but super sweet and friendly. Unfortunately, he has heartworm disease and will need to complete his treatments before he is ready for adoption. He recently moved to a foster to adopt home to finish his treatments, and is doing very well!

Buck is a sweet 7-10 year old golden mix from a rural VA shelter. He was treated for both Lyme and Ehrlichia, and is recovering well from surgery for a torn CCL. He was also neutered and had a small mass removed from his eye. He is on medication and a prescription diet for kidney issues, but his labs are improving and we hope he will be ready for adoption soon.

Dobi is a handsome 3-year old, originally from Turkey. He is super sweet and recently developed seizures. His neurologist feels he has epilepsy, and he takes Keppra and Phenobarbital to control his seizures. He tolerates his medications well and we hope he will soon be ready for adoption.

Rescued from a hoarding situation in June 2020. She was completely unsocialized and is still quite fearful. We are slowly gaining her trust and building her confidence, but anticipate it will still be months before she is ready for adoption.

Hero is just a year old and was born with a significant forelimb deformity. He is new to the rescue and just arrived in February 2021, so we are learning more about him, He will soon have an orthopedic consult at NC State and we will share his progress on our Facebook page.

Ladybug is a sweet 7-year old retired breeder dog rescued in November 2020. She has successfuly completed her treatment for heartworms and is now available for adoption. She is still a bit shy due to her early lack of socialization, but is getting better and gaining confidence day by day. She is looking for a patient home that will allow her to continue to blossom and show her golden spirit.

Molly is a sweet 5-year-old golden/lab mix from Turkey. She is settling in well in her foster home, and does great with her canine siblings. She is always smiling, and should be ready for adoption soon.

Onyx is 3 years old and just arrived from Turkey. He is golden at heart but with a beautiful black coat and we think he is a flat coat retriever. He is doing great in his foster home and we hope he will soon be ready for adoption.

Poppy was also rescued from the same hoarding situation and was completely unsocialized. She remains very fearful, especially when it comes to using a collar/leash or harness. She is slowly gaining confidence thanks to the help of trainers and her patient foster.

Sansli is very small golden with a big personality. He loves everyone he meets and is learning all about living in the U.S. He recently arrived from Turkey and should be available for adoption soon.

Sassy recently arrived when her owner could no longer care for her. She is heartworm positive and will need to receive her treatments before adoption. She is doing great in her foster home and should be ready for adoption in the fall.

Sophie is 3-years old and just arrived from Turkey. We have learned that she has significant hip dysplasia and possible torn ACLs as well. You would never guess based on her happy disposition and desire to chase squirrels. She will be seeing orthopedics soon to develop a plan for helping Sophie feel better.

Stella just arrived from Turkey and had hip surgery (FHO) before she arrived. The surgery wasn't as successful as hoped, so she will be seeing orthopedics soon. She may need additional surgery to help her live a pain-free life before she is ready for adoption.

Sweet Susie is 2 years old and was surrendered due to urinary incontinence. She has a malfunctioning bladder sphincter and was treated at NC State with a collagen injection which has helped greatly. She will need a special family to continue her care as additional injections may be needed throughout her life.

Willow is an adorable 7-month old surrendered by a breeder for urinary incontinence. She was seen by internal medicine and tests revealed an ectopic ureter. She recently had a laser procedure for correction at NC State, and we hope she will be ready for adoption soon.