SEVA GRREAT believes that every Golden deserves a chance, no matter their place of birth. To date we have rescued over 60 homeless Goldens from Turkey. Because those efforts have been so rewarding, we are expanding our efforts to help Goldens in China as well. Without our help, these dogs would die. Our first Golden arrivals from China will be coming to Virginia shortly. These dogs embody everything that is special about our breed.

Many of you may be wondering “Why China”? While every country and culture has different beliefs and practices, we learned a bit of what life is like for Golden Retrievers in China and couldn’t turn our backs. The meat market is a very real threat to all dogs within the country, but we have learned that Goldens are a preferred breed due to size and temperament. There are also height restrictions throughout China, making legal ownership of a Golden Retriever difficult. A Beijing law states that a dog taller than 35 centimeters (1.1 foot) is considered illegal and that the dog can be locked up and put down if intercepted by police. Golden Retriever owners have to walk their dogs at unpopular hours for fear of confiscation.

With the support of many US Golden Retriever rescues, there will be about 100 goldens saved just in the month of March alone.

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International Initiative to Save Slaughterhouse Goldens

Golden Retriever rescues across the U.S., including SEVA GRREAT, are working with dedicated Chinese volunteers on the ground, to save almost 100 dogs in March. Collectively, we are all hard at work to rescue these beautiful dogs in need of medical care, a warm blanket and a loving home.

If you would like to learn more and see pictures of what these dogs have endured, click China’s Dog Meat Trade to view the web page. This is not to shock or upset you, but rather to help tell these Goldens' story. Note: Some of the photos may be disturbing.

Where Are These Dogs Now?


The dogs we are rescuing came from Beicheng which is near one of the main slaughterhouses in Changchun. A rescuer saved these dogs from the Changchun slaughterhouse and is turning them over to U.S. rescue groups. They have been moved 750 miles to Beijing to receive vet care before travelling to the U.S.

While all dogs are “safe” in an open-air outdoor shelter, the accommodations are far from ideal. Currently, it is 29 degrees in Beijing. With no roof over their heads and dirt flooring, our goal is to get them here as soon as possible.

They’ve jumped the first hurdle to freedom, but you know Goldens, they need love. So, we must complete their journey to a forever home.

The Journey to Virginia


Before being shipped to the US, these Goldens are vetted, tested for Distemper, Parvo, Heartworms, internal parasites and other diseases and treated, if indicated. They are quarantined, micro-chipped and vaccinated for Distemper, Parvo, Bordetella, Lepto, Parainfluenza and Rabies. All requirements of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Center for Disease Control and the State of Virginia are followed. All necessary permits are obtained, including a Chinese health certificate and Chinese exit documents.

In addition to these medical costs, there are food and boarding costs while at the shelter and transport costs to the shelter and from the shelter to the Beijing airport. Each dog needs a travel crate and airfare from Beijing to the US. Lastly, several of our volunteers will drive to Boston to pick up the dogs and accompany them to Virginia. Once the dogs arrive, we know there will be additional medical costs.

Bringing these Goldens to Virginia is an expensive endeavor, but we believe it’s worth the cost. SEVA GRREAT has established a special fund of $20,000 to support these dogs.

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Why Not Just Rescue Local Dogs?

This initiative does not impact the rescue of Goldens in Virginia, which remains our primary work. Each year, SEVA GRREAT receives applications from people hoping to adopt a Golden; yet fewer dogs are available and come into SEVA GRREAT from area shelters and owner surrenders. There clearly will be homes eager for these dogs and all local Goldens.

What’s Next?

After arrival to the US, the Goldens will be chauffeured to our area by SEVA GRREAT volunteers. While all dogs have full vaccinations and their Chinese Visa Travel card for entry in the US, they will be examined by our vets. We know that these Goldens are underweight and may have untreated medical conditions. Some will likely have more serious medical conditions. They will then move to an experienced foster home.

Interested adopters should follow SEVA GRREAT’s regular adoption process. Click here to read our adoption process and to fill out an application. Completing an application does not guarantee adoption.

If you are an approved adopter who is waiting for a Golden, notify your SEVA GRREAT Home Evaluator if you want to be considered for a China Golden.


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